Coming back from steak n shake with my girl, i was on a four lane road, speed limit of 25. Im familiar with the area (my street comes off of this one) and the cops usually run moving constant ka. However this was the first time i've encountered it since i got my x50 (i've been in toledo for the past 3 months for school). I was picking him up pretty far away, he was going the same direction as me. He had just passed by while i was waiting to turn onto the street. By the time i turned, i could just make out his tailiights and i stayed at this distance all the way to my street. The whole way i had a full signal from his rear antennae and about 3 bars on his front antenae (exp. mode). I was shocked that as far away as he was i had a full signal, and even more surprised that there was such a good pickup from his front antenae.

My girlfriend even got excited and was asking all about it and i had to explain expert mode to her and such, it was a good time lol

edit: i wish i would have thought to put it on spec mode quickly just to see what freq he was running. I think tomorrow i'll put it on spec mode so the next time i encounter our cities ka dual i'll know what it is.