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    A friend of mine purchased a new ferrari , they gave him a Escort Passport SRX radar detector and laser jammers. He was supposed to schedule an appointment with the service dept. to bring in the ferrari and have them install this SRX, he never did ! This was about 2 months ago he bought the car ! He gave me this SRX and I was wondering if this is any good ? I currently have a escort 8500 with a blinder m40 on my SUV. I was thinking of installing this on one of my other vehicles, is this unit any good ?

    Thank you

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    Type "Escort SRX" into Google and you'll find out your answer.

    Or... use the "Search" button at the top of this page.

    I don't know... just 2 suggestions.

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    Now that's a nice purchase-present.

    Nice of him to gift it to you, in turn, too!

    I'd keep your M40 setup on your SUV - and use the SRX on another vehicle (smaller vehicle). I'm not sure that the SRX, with its integrated radar-detector, could be used "simultaneously" with your 8500 x50 in-place - if the SRX is incapable of being run without its remote radar detector component, then that would make any "dual jammer" setup rather undesireable due to the potential of detector interference.

    Also, the rear Shifter unit has been shown by various members of this community to provide insufficient protection to even smaller vehicles - so if you were to simply dismount your current M40/x50 setup and switch to the integrated SRX, you'd be leaving your back-door more unprotected than with the M40, assuming a two-forward/two-rear setup with your Blinder system.

    Should you be running an all-heads-front setup with your M40 and would like to compare it against the SRX set-up running all three heads forward-facing (with the rear unit now over your front plate), I would still think that the "extra" head you have with the M40 would provide for more complete protection based on coverage area alone.

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    I agree^^

    I have the SR7 with the Zr3 upgrade which is basically the same thing as the SRX except I could run the ZR3 with a seperate head display which you can't do on the SRX.

    I can't vouch for the jammer capability because my system has not taken a hit yet but the RD is very nice. Mostly though, I like the install. After years of messing with window mounts having a concealed display is awesome. It will be hard for me to go back if I get the 9500i.
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