Any comparsions between the 9500 and NavAlert. Seems that the 9500 will only incorporate the 'POI' feature that NavAlert already has. Of course, NavAlert also incoporates known red light cams, speed traps, and school zones with monthly updates.

Certainbly, if one runs only a single unit, seems the 9500 is the right choice. It sure looks like the 9500 is going in the right direction. Now if the 9500 could incorporate all of NavAlerts features, then......

I'm currently running a Bel RX65 and NavAlert with great success. Not sure transitioning to a 9500 is a needed upgrade. I'd be more likely to upgrade to a STI vice the 9500 as the STI is undetectable.

I'm sure the 9500, being the new kid on the block, will have somewhat better detection than the RX65 but is an upgrade needed?

STI and 9500 - I wonder how different they are? Seems to me, the STI has only been on the street for a short time.

Maybe Roy will do a STI/9500 heads up and provide the results as soon as the 9500 hits the street.