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    Default Solo S2 Auto Power Off

    According to my manual:

    APwr Motn (Standard)
    In this setting, Solo S2 maximizes battery life by intelligently shutting down once your vehicle has become motionless for approximately 25 minutes. After this time, the Solo S2 will go into "sleep" mode for approximately 30 minutes. However, if the Solo S2 senses movement within this "sleep" time, the Solo S2 will wake up and prompt you (both audibly and visually) to see if you would like to return to an active mode. If yes, simply press any button.
    If not, the Solo S2 will shut off completely, maximizing battery life.

    The way I read this is that after 20-25 minutes of no movement the RD goes to sleep and then if I move it (or drive off) within the next 30 minutes it will wake up and ask me if I want it on.

    What actually happens is this:

    1. After 25 minutes or so the unit starts beeping and warning that it is entering sleep mode.
    2. At the end of this alert it blanks (apparently in sleep mode) for about 3 seconds.
    3. Immdiately after this 3 second period it "wakes up" and starts asking me to "press a button" to keep it on.
    4. If I don't do anything (no button) it immediately turns itself off.

    The way I read the manual this is not the correct behavior for this unit.

    Any comments? Anyone seen this behavior OR the correct behavior as outlined in the manual?


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    When you get to your "Step 4", let the unit sit for another 10, 15, or heck 25 minutes, then rattle it a bit and see if the unit doesn't "wake up" and again prompt you to push a button etc. The time after your "Step 4" is the unit's SLEEP mode. Try it again and see. That's how mine works anyway, just like the manual says.

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    Thanks Insider, I'll try that and post the results.



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