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    Default Horn sets off laser alarm

    We'll I don't have this problem any more since my x50 got jacked, but thought I would mention it since it did confuse me slightly.

    I was driving the girls car around the other day (1993 Mirage Coupe). I just installed a new horn into it, electric style from Schucks. I noticed that when beeping the horn it set of a Laser alert from the x50. I took me a while to figure out what was going on, I kept looking around for cops everywhere (she hadn't had a horn for years so I was stoked to beep it at everything).

    So I figgured that her horn made some sort of interferance. Well my buddies 2002 Jetta did the exact same thing, honk the horn, Laser alert. My 1997 Neon did not set it off.

    Has anyone else ever had a similar problem?


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    Does the laser alert sound everytime you beep the horn? How about at night (in the darkness)?

    If it does the same thing at night, then it's electrical interference that's causing it. If it's only during the day, then maybe the horn is vibrating the hood of the car and it's causing reflected light off the hood to appear pulsed to the detector, setting off the laser alert.
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    It's probably just something funky happening with the electrical system that's sending odd signals to the radar detector. These things are pretty sensitive to that sort of interference.

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    Yep that's what I would say.

    Just for my own information, did these horns sound good or were they wimpy little "bzzt" type?

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    The horn is activating Laser alert trough the power supply. The horn does pretty bad things to the 12V system, and the shock wave travels trough the wires to the detector which then sees that as a laser pulsing. Try powering your RD on some 12V separate battery and the horn alert should go away, or you can try inserting a RF choke filter in the power supply before the RD. You can find these filters at Radio shack.

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    My X50 did the same thing , It seemed to do it when the battery was pretty drained. Now that the battery is fully charged no problems.
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    its a mitsubishi..thats your problem right there

    Id say you are causing some sort of interference on the laser wavelengthy or somthing like that, I now if i have another detector and turn it on during the start up it sets off my RX65 even tho it is not leaking or operational... On the hight pitched laser startup



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