Before I thought that Escorts website was dated and most of their info about Radar / Laser was lacking or just plain incomplete. I have to give Escort some credit for trying now, their new site design tents to be a little more descriptive in how POP, "Instant On" , and other bands work. The site now is more informative and answers a lot of questions we have been calling and asking about forever.

Example: I have had this asked to me a thousand times.

Does City Mode lower all the bands on the detector? Here is Escorts Official answer. "In a nutshell, the City, Highway and Auto Modes affect X-Band sensitivity ONLY." They also describe an " Instant On " hit and provide a reason why detectors don't alert earlier. For someone that's
not knowlegeable on detectors, this is a huge help to them.

I am glad to see them doing a better job at this than they have in the past.