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Thread: My 9500i review

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    Default My 9500i review

    Ok to start this off i only drove around my suburb for about 30-40min but i did make sure i drove around all of my normal false spots and i marked them all. I changed my 9500 to quick start up, auto mute off and spec mode before going out. So the 1st false i came up on was a drug store that i marked and boom no more beep beep that is real nice. So i drove out a bit and came back into the same location and all i recieve is the gps icon spining and then i see somethjing cool...really stays silent but started showing the freq. of the door opener i was impressed with that.

    It did just about the same in all of the areas where i marked througout my short test run but before i marked them i would recieve the k band sound then a nice real...verry real sounding female voinc saying k-band (soo sooooooo much nicer than the sti's crappy voice) and then the speed i was traveling which was right on the money, then i would mark and boom no more false signal just the spinning gps icon and the freq. every now and then.

    i did all my testing in highway mode i see no reason not to with the marking feture.

    Man i love this new detector oh and my serial # is #######36 i got the 36th one produced by Escort neat huh?

    In ending this review i hope this is somewhat helpfull to anyone that reads it and feel free to ask any ?'s you may have about this new kick ass detector. :P

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    Thanks for the review....keep us updated!

    #36 eh? Damn cool.

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    Hey Von, you say that even after you lock out a signal and come back to it, the RD shows the frequency? I have mine in spec mode and it doesn't show the freq, only the spinning satellite. What 'Pilot' mode are you using? I am using the scanning dot............

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    no dot just says highway

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    I feel the same way, this detector is amazing..It has really good range on real threats so far for me as well...



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