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    Default Another 9500i Review

    Ok, I've had my 9500i for 3 days now. My previous detector was a V1, and I've been using my wife's RX65 while I was awaiting my 9500i.

    First, The Bad-

    I have one complaint on the 9500i, some might think itís stupid. The power cord plugs into the left side of the detector, I personally would prefer it on the right. I think it would just be easier on the cord management. I prefer my detector closer towards the driver's view, vs the center of the windshield.

    Now the Good-
    Bottom line, This detector is silent!!! I have yet to come across a LEO yet, however, there are a few area's in my neighborhood that will false X band. In auto mode, I get no alerts. I have to have it in Highway mode to get a hit.

    The overall functions on this detector are excellent. The use of the detector to show your vehicle speed is really nice, and dead on accurate. I basically use it as a heads up display.

    The voice...... I love it!!! Its female and she's HOT!!! Just kidding. Itís very usable and not annoying or distracting.

    All the functions on the detector are easily accessed. The detector also will allow you to turn off bands, if you choose. Example: don't need x band, turn it off.

    The display on the detector is easy to see in all light conditions. The speaker on the unit also works very well. If you come across a false signal, locking it out is as easy as pressing the mute button 3 times.

    Marking locations is just as easy and a nice feature for speed traps, etc.

    Now, I have yet to come across an actual LEO, I will post results when this happens. I will say, I lost faith in my V1. From signals being J'd out and from what I believe weak KA band reporting.... I wanted something new, and Escort has come through with a great radar.

    Future test will prove this detector, but from a user stand point, this unit is excellent. Well done ESCORT!!!

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    thanks for the review, keep us updated. glad to see you had a V1, I'm going to sell my V1 then pick one up.

    with any luck I can get about $500 for mine on eBay and make a few bucks

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    If the 9500i proves to perform as good or better than then the X50 with all the added features... SWEET!

    So far, I am very happy with mine.

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    Yep. I'm a happy camper with mine too.

    This thing is "scary quiet!" So much so that I thought it wasn't working until I got into some Ka I.O. activity in Los Angeles on the bike. To me, the range seems better than the 8500x50, at least they were out of eye range when I got the first hit and I could tell from the display one was approaching me (the method is described in the back of the owner's manual). Of course, ymmv.

    No Laser "falses" from tail light LED's nor did I get interference "falses" from any trucks I passed. I used to get a atmospheric Laser hit with the x50 around dusk facing the sun, but I didn't with this far.

    I used the earphone jack and the thing was LOUD! even all the way down (I use in-ear earphones on the bike for music and GPS voice commands). I had to pull off and shut off the default "Auto Volume" so the unit's mike wouldn't blast me from the ambient wind noise on the bike. It may still be too loud, but I can make some adjustments to the AutoCom to compensate.

    "Auto Brightness" worked well too. Actually, I liked the speed being displayed after the woman said "Ka Band" as I looked at the unit rather than the speedometer which is often buried in a dark area of the dash or hidden by sun glare. I don't care about frequency numbers. I do like the "voltage indication" feature as I can monitor the load I place on the system with electrically heated clothing.

    I could operate the unit's pushbuttons with heavy gloves on. Nice.

    I don't think anything this fantastic has been introduced for radar detection in a few decades. Very feature rich and excellent discrimination.

    Nice job Escort!!!



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