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    Hi what do you guys think of this detector is it good, does it have the same long distant has escort 8500 x50, same featurs.

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    I found this using the search.

    Quote Originally Posted by BiGeAsYgUy
    A little comparison from 2000:

    SML's test in 2000

    X band 3.0 miles
    K band 2.6 miles
    Ka band 4.0 miles

    Passport 7500
    X band 1.9 miles
    K band 1.4 miles
    Ka band 1.8 miles

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    that unit is like 10 years old. It will not have the range or features of a 8500

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    I have the 7500, not the "S" version, and FUCCO could smack you in the forehead with a Stalker before it would alert to Ka band.


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    I was using the 7500 before I bought the 9500i. Now it is in my wife's car. I think it does a great job. I never tested it against any other detector but I know that when I used it I never was stopped for speeding. It gave me plenty of notice when an LEO was using radar. Yes, it might not have the greater range of the 8500, X50, V1, X65 or the 9500, but when I have been cruising down the highway, 2 miles of notice was plenty of time slow down to PSL (or course I was only going maybe 15 - 20 mph over PSL).

    I had the 7500 ever since it was new to the market and I never had any problem picking up Ka band and even noticed a couple hits of laser.

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    From my past experience, it has very weak Ka performance. You'd never get a full strength Ka reading until you were almost on top of the cop. One of the cities I used to live in was probably the first town I knew of to get Ka radar on the south side of Atlanta. When they'd have someone pulled over I'd drive by them 2-3 times to see how far away I could get a reading. Let's just say in most cases if the cop was running instant on, you better hope that someone else was in front of you if you were more than 500-600' from the cop.

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    I believe the older 7500 was based on the same platform as the Passport 4600 and similar models, the newer ones use the "M2" receiver like the Solo S2.



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