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    Default Installing SRX, SR7 or ZR3 on C6? inside.

    This is on the cool install page of Escorts website. If you locate the mute button in the location suggested on this page you run the risk of leaning against it under left turn hi G situations causing the volume alert to start cycling. I had my mute button in this location and had to move it after encountering this problem. I moved the mute button farther back on the transmission tunnel and it's been fine since. However, it was very puzzling for few weeks and since it didn't appear repeatable I feared it was a technical glitch in the head unit and almost pulled it for service until I submitted the problem on this foruml.

    FYI: This is the original thread where I was looking for a diagnostic of the problem
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    Very interesting note! Thanks for the update, and it's good that you've solved your problem!



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