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    Default x50 v3 self-cal only in cold

    Ok so i have a x50 v3 and a v6.1, i had the v3 in my car for 2 months and then gave it to my gf. She instantly gets self-cal first time she plugs it in. I never got in my car and still the same today. So i tried ti v6.1 in her car and no self-cal

    Well now i narrowed it down to being in her car and being in complete coldness. It would display once or twice and we just power it back on and go.
    You think its the x50 itself or somethign with her car? I use the v3 all the time now and never get it. She uses it and gets it.

    Is a self-cal error know to show up in the cold only? Or is this sign of the radar dieing. i'm obviously out of warranty on the v3 so how much would everything cost my out of pocket to do it. I assume $7 to shipp it out of my pocket and $100 fee or something to reflash, self -cal all that good stuff. My gf says she can deal with it but i think after a while it will just say service required and completely die out.

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    If you don't get the same SelfCal in your car, only in your GF's car, then you should conclude that the problem lies in your GF's car. Turn the unit off with the unit's switch. Start your GF's car, wait for 30 seconds, then turn on the troubled X50. See if that fixes the problem.

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    i've tried that method. up untill today we was dealing with it 2 weeks now. finally i got the self cal on mines to, so its not car specific. it just happens in her car more then mines.

    i'm ready to either buy her a cheap rx55 or the 985 but the thoughts of upgrade it comes to play



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