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    Default x50 FALSES OR NO?

    I get a whole bunch of false alerts around here in my city. Doesn't really bother me. I was sitting at a light the other day, and go a laser alert. then about 5 seconds later.. another. Didn't see a cop. There were a lot of cars around. Leak?

    Also on 95 where like no buildings are.. I get an X alert strong, then slow, then strong then weak. Then it goes away. Leak?

    That's the reason I love Ka the most. It never falses.

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    Default ka

    Ka can false but it is rare. Either someone eles's rd or some banks security systems.

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    Laser is a strange animal and a false will happen from time to time.
    When I had my detector mounted low, I never received a laser false
    but when I moved it up to a high mount ( below the rear view mirror)
    I would get them every now and again. However, these falses are very

    I think the key here is light reflection off your hood.
    On a bright sunny day is pretty much the only time I
    have ever received a false. I have received one at night
    once or maybe twice from an emergency vehicle with
    their ( Emergency ) Roof lights flashing. Again this
    is from reflection off the hood.

    Strange but true......



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