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    hello all, i just bought my first radar detector in the Escort 8500 X50. i'm not really a leadfoot, i'm just sick of the faster cars passing me and being too paranoid to keep up with them. i.e., 65 in a 55 doesn't cut it these days. hence, i needed and escort with me :roll: i live in south western pennsylvania so apparently i should only be worried about instant on K, yes? my only real question is where is the best place to mount it? i have the direct wire, but need to know where i should wire from. thanks for any and all replies.

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    If your main concern is radar, then up high, by/above the rear view mirror would be perfect.

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    a high mount it is. thanks.

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    Here are a few examples. I've used both mounts ( High and Low ).

    I find High works the best.

    As other have said.

    Radar = High
    Laser = Low



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