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    Default Weird issue with x50

    Sometimes when first turn my car on I get intermittent full alerts on K and Ka bands (maybe all but X is off). Sometimes I get two at once on the same band or both bands. The most common is K. This stops after a couple minutes. The x50 gives a full alert and then ramps down quickly (kind of like IO). The alerts look normal, but this has happened in multiple locations. (There is no way that it could be actual police radar.) I have never gotten a service required message. It seems to be related to the x50 being in the sun. This hasn't happened yet when I take it down and keep it in the shade when I'm parked. It's only been in the 70s outside so I'm not talking about 100+ degree temps.

    Has anyone else had this happen or have any idea what might cause it?

    I just realized that I haven't tried resetting it. I'll do that later today.

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    I would try resetting it... and also not leaving it in the sun (if it only seems to do this when its left in the sun).

    I dont know what the sun could specifically be doing that would cause the RD to see frequencies which aren't present... but if it works good otherwise... id say take it down.



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