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    Default Wow! That was fast!

    My 9500i went back to Escort via their shipping label for the problem of not receiving XM Radio while it was on.

    Tracking it via their number, it left last Wednesday and got to them Tuesday (yesterday) at 9:30 am.

    It is back in my hands now and I just checked and I g0t my XM Radio back! Full strength signal again.

    Seems they shipped it "Next Day Air" and that costs a bunch these days.

    Received AND Repaired yesterday in Ohio and back home to California the next day!

    Some service!

    Fwiw, there seems to be a difference in the laser detection between the 9500i and 8500x50. I had the 8500x50 on the bike and I tripped it with Roy's Laser Checker thingy. It tripped from the rear at 6 feet while the 9500i was maybe 9 feet or more (I was against the garage door). Narrow beam of acceptance on both. Didn't play with the front detection as the bike is parked too close to the wall. This was just using Roy's little gadget, not a high-power Lidar gun by any means.

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    I agree, they did improve on their laser detection.

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    Glad to hear Escort treating their customers with quality service. i know V1 only matches whatever method you ship it to them.



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