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    Default Question about POP

    Is POP detection turned off by defaut on the 8500 x50, and how does one turn it on. Is it better to have it on or off.


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    Go into "Program" mode(hold down the City and Dim buttons.) Scroll through the options until you get to something that says "BandsDFT" (I think it's 9 clicks of the left button)

    Now press the right button until you see POP. Hit the mute button to cycle between on and off.

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    Whether to enable POP - well....the problem is two-fold.

    First, is there POP-enabled hardware in your area.

    And second, more importantly, is POP actually being actively USED. Just because the hardware is available doesn't mean that it's used. There's proof of this even locally where I live - a near-by township owns the equipment and their officers are trained for it, but, thanks to the ride-along that a fellow Forum member took, it was noted that they confessed to simply never bothering to use that function.

    Unfortunately, the only way to really know whether the second concern is valid would be to verify, through a primary source, whether or not POP is in-use. This can understandably be difficult.

    [ Note that while having a tandem-vehicle, dual detector scenario (i.e. one car with POP-off, other with POP-on) would rule-out false positives, it cannot conclusively rule-out a false negative (i.e. neither detector reporting POP, but POP actually being used) - the only way to truly ascertain whether POP is in use is to visually identify the equipment, then have a confession from its operator whether POP was used at the moment it was detected. ]

    As-such, you have to evaluate your risk-benefit ratio.

    With my x50 Rev5, I do get occasional POP falses. They're annoying, and, to an extent, they also make me somewhat desensitized to the alerts. The former is bad and the latter even worse, as it erodes my trust/confidence in the detector.

    The problem with why I keep mine on is because there are surrounding locales with POP-enabled equipment in-circulation. I unfortunately cannot rule-out, positively, their use, so I have taken it upon myself to be more cautions - although I'm always debating the true value of my practice, given the falses.

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    I agree with TSI. You'll get more false alert in POP mode and is not widely used.



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