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    Default TINT.....UGHH!!!

    Im fully prepared to tint my vehicle but even after extensive searching and reading in here and out, I cannot decide if metallic tint is gonna hurt my detection. I have and X50. Everyone tells me to go with Solarguard. The shop I found says its not the reflective kind but has metallic properties. They say its a wives tale that it will hurt performance and they have only heard it effects GPS. Im going to do 35% all around excluding the windshield. I mount my radar just below the windshield strip. Is solorguard gonna hurt me? Is ceramic the only way to go. Thanks in advance for all your help.

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    i have metallized tint and it doesnt seem to affect my detector much.

    i say go for it, and doesnt ceramic cost a whole lot more too?

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    Ok, I found a place that will do 3M color stable. Has a lifetime warranty and is non metallic. $100 more but thats worth it for piece of mind. Anyone else have experience with this product?

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    The only detectors tint effects are the V1 since it has a rear antenna. all states don't allow you to tint your windshield and the escort 8500 x50 antenna only looks out the windshield

    I have had tint and no tint on the cars i drive and noticed little effect on the detector

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