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    Default How much will I block the signal?

    Perhaps it's the many, many years of rock concerts and the fact that my radio is up pretty loud, but when I had my x50 mounted with the suction cups in the middle of the windshield under the rear view mirror, I found it hard to hear and couldn't really see the alerts either if I was paying attention to the road.

    I recently used velcro and mounted it on the dash directly in front of me. This makes it both easier to see and hear.

    Without going deeper, thoughts on this placement?

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    Make sure your windshield wipers and/or window tinting aren't blocking the X50's view of the road. Your X50 needs to be high enough that it has a clear view of the road from the front and the rear. Also make sure that the Velcro is going to hold the X50 in place if you hit the brakes hard at high speed, or accelerate quickly.

    If hearing the audio is a problem, you can buy the Escort External Powered Speaker. It is specifically designed to work with Escort and Beltronics radar detectors. Radar Roy carries it in his store for $29.95:



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