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    Hey folks, I gotta question.

    This morning when I came to work, I saw a black box and some cables sitting in the middle of the parking lot, so I go over to inspect it, expecting something like a CB radio, but no. It was an Escort radar detector!

    When I found it, it was sticky and old and beat up, I doubted it would work, but after my shift I plugged it into my car and surely enough it turned on.

    Ok, so enough of that.

    I am here to ask you folks if you could tell me what model and maybe even some information about this particular model.

    The detector has no model identification, it says Escort and in smaller print on the bottom of the faceplate it reads "radar warning reciever."
    It's about 4"x4 1/4" and 1 1/2" thick.

    The faceplate has a volume knob, speaker, orange light, an analog (yes, ANALOG) dial and lastly, a switch to active highway or city mode.

    Any information will be helpful. I have looked everywhere for this model but I cant seem to find anything that looks like it.


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    First picture left side seems to fit your case well there mate.

    Thanks to 'laserblaster' for finding those pictures online.

    That radar detector would not be effective against todays threats of Ka/Laser.

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    Your Escort was the benchmark for radar detectors back in the day. It had excellent X and K detection abilities.




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