Here's another incredible experience I recently had with my X50, this time with 35.5 Ghz.

It's 5:00pm. I am heading home from work down a very congested street (Wehrle Dr) heading towards another incredibly congested main drag (Transit Rd). It is pretty well bumper-to-bumper traffic all the way up Wehrle, at least 3-4 blocks from Transit Rd. My X50 starts alerting me to 35.5 Ghz, which is what Amherst Police are using mainly. Couldn't see anything coming up from behind me, nor could I see anything in front. The X50 would ramp up, then go silent, then ramp up get the picture. I finally made the right onto Transit, and it is STILL going nuts. Finally I saw the Amherst LEO with somebody pulled over on the side of the road. Wow! Picking that up perpendicular to my position, and being as far back as I was from the main drag, makes me a FIRM BELIEVER in the X50's abilities.