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    Default Still on my trip--couple of observations from my X50 tonight

    Maybe this has happened to you guys before and can share some input/experiences.

    First, we're riding through MS and for a good 50 mile stretch, we keep getting an X band at 10.495 and then sometimes at 10.496

    We checked the frequency list on GOL and see police start at 10.500. Not sure what this was as we didn't travel with the same cars around us the whole time, so, I eliminated leaky Crapas. I'm thinking perhaps it was our cell phones which we had sitting on the dashboard during the ride? I guess after we switched over to a new tower frequency, it was setting off the detecotr every few minutes (like when you hear your cell phone reaching out when you bring it too close to a speaker or are on a land line). Who knows.

    Second thing (and this scared the crap out of me), we're about 1 mile out of entering a construction zone, it was dead dark and 9pm at night. I"m cruising right at the PSL. Out of nowhere, my X50 goes full strength Laser. My Blinder didn't even make a noise. I know you can pick up lasers in front of you hitting other cars, but, do you get that strong of a signal when it's not directly on you? Just want to make sure my blinder is working fine. Either that or the cop was an idiot aiming straight for my windshield.

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    Ok, completed the trip. Here's my note to all--if you're planning a trip, don't count on your electronics alone to save you. We downloaded all the speed traps on the way to Texas and while 90% of them proved to show nothing, the 10% that were right on saved us hundreds of dollars this weekend.

    Specifically, Lousiana at this trap:

    This guy was right on. We came right up over the hill at the PSL and the statey was sitting there on the right side hidden behind a pillar. Nailed me with Lidar at 250' and my Blinder NEVER MADE A NOISE. The X50 went crazy but by that point, I would have been toast. Luckily, he nailed the guy coming about 100 yards behind me.

    Was a little dismayed by the Blinder not going off but figure it was the distance? Dunno. Seemed like I would have at least gotten something out of it.



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