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    Default My 9500i passed truelock test

    This morning I locked out a local grocery store, on K band, while passing by an intersecting street. This afternoon, while in the same area and the sat symbol was spinning, I received another K band alert from a local cleaners. Clearly this demonstrates the 9500i does not lock out the entire K band as some have eluded on this forum.

    Just wanted to share my experience. Perhaps there were some pre production units out there early on that were demonstrating this behavior?

    I do not doubt the guys that demonstrated the total lockout of K band, its just that mine does not demonstrate that behaviour, maybe they fixed it?

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    What frequency did you lockout?

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    I don't think anyone has ever claimed that the 9500i blocks out the entire K band. What IS going to happen, is those automatic doors are not regulated and they tend to shift in freq. and before long you will have manually locked out the entire K band spectrum.

    as per the GoL test, ours was set to factory default with nothing locked out. we locked out the shell station, which was the only thing locked out in the area.

    they then dropped me off with the Decatur K band gun. the first run I was shooting instant on, and it never alerted.

    the 2nd run I aimed the gun right at the truck getting its speed the whole time.

    sorry to be a downer but to my knowledge there are no updates out yet...

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    Gotcha. I may quit using truelock anyway, the auto setting is pretty good at filtering out falses....

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    Just lock out frequecies 24.125 and below to be safe and lock out 24.150 and up in areas where use of police radar is useless. A mode is good enough to stop unwanted alerts.

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    At this point in time I would use the A mode and H mode ONLY. Stay away from locking out
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    More testing with the 9500i truelock and a bushnell radar gun.

    I'm sorry to report there are times I can fire the radar gun in a lockout zone and it not trigger the detector. The radar gun seems to be at 24.125 GHz and the door openers are that frequency or very close (they hop around )

    At this point I would recommend using truelock only in areas where speeding is not possible (red lights, parking lots...)

    Really, the "A" mode covers those areas anyway since the low speed all but eliminates K band, so I guess there really is no use in using truelock.

    I still think the 9500i is the best I've owned, even with the truelock problems.



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