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Thread: 9500i is great

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    Default 9500i is great

    I'd like to try to balance all of the negative comments about the 9500i by giving my opinion that the 9500i is a great radar detector. I've had a V1, an RX65 and an X50. Out of these, the 9500i is my favorite.

    It seems that based on a couple of potential issues with the 9500i, many people here have concluded that the 9500i doesn't work as advertised or that it's not a good detector. I disagree.

    The first complaint seems to be that the detector will not pickup a real LEO at a location that has previously been locked out. Even if this is true (which I'm not convinced it is true), this detector is so quiet without even using the lockout feature (because of the speed-sensitive sensitivity) that this is an insignificant issue to me. The detector is worth the money even if you decide not to use truelock at all. More importantly, the odds of ever getting a ticket by driving through a previously locked area and then not picking up the LEO are extraordinarily small. Your odds of getting a ticket from instant-on or laser are so much greater that this becomes another non-issue (trust me, your detector is worthless against instant-on or laser despite what some people say about signals/reflections from the car ahead). In short, a detector merely reduces the odds that you'll get a ticket, and the fact that the 9500i may (or may not) have certain unlikely situations in which it is not flawless is insignificant.

    The second complaint is the ramp-up. I, like everyone else, wish this worked better. However, this brings me back again to the point that this detector is so quiet. Unlike other detectors, you need to slow down when the 9500i beeps at you... it's probably a LEO! Thus, it really doesn't matter that there is not much of a ramp-up.

    Until you've tried a truly silent detector like the 9500i, you can't imagine what a difference it makes. I don't think any other detector is of any value in the city due to the false alarms. This is especially true of the V1, which became worthless to me because I quckly got so that I tuned it out mentally. In fact, I've driven right by speed traps without ever noticing that the V1 was alerting me. The X50 and RX65 were much better, but still unusable in the city. I would much rather have the perceived imperfections of the 9500i than this problem. At least I use my detector now, rather than keeping it in the glove box because it's too noisy and annoying.

    Obviously there is some give and take when it comes to a particular detector's approach to false alarms. The 9500i is at one end of the spectrum (silent), which may mean that in some limited circumstances it might filter a true LEO. The V1 is at the other end, in that it doesn't filter anything. I'll take the the silence, but some others may prefer to be alerted everytime they drive by a store.

    One final note. Even assuming that truelock doesn't work flawlessly, that doesn't mean that the 9500i doesn't work well or as advertised. Navigation systems don't always get you from point A to point B perfectly, but few people think of their system as a piece of junk because of it. Rather, it's accepted as a limitation of the technology.

    In short, I think way too much weight is being given to the perceived problems with the 9500i. In my opinion, the benefits far outweigh any problems.

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    I agree with you, I love my 9500i.

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    I am trusting it more and more as my time with it goes by. I have even gone back and enabled X-Band (since I've found out it's used sparingly), and I lock out what I know are false signals. As a result, I'm will not write off the X-band alert as quickly now. Even with X-band enabled in AUTO mode, I can't get over how quiet it is. Now that the weather is warmer, my town has begun setting up those mobile radar units (which are K band). I can now truly test ramp up. While not perfectly linear, it really isn't bad at all.

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    That's just one thing about the 9500i, very quiet.

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    Default I agree

    I am in agreement with the original poster. Too many non-Leo alerts in the past would desensitize me to reacting when I hear an alert. Now I know that there is a greater chance of the alert being a Leo, and due to not hearing a litany of non-Leo alerts, I react immediately, and for me, this provide better defense than a more sensitive (or less discriminating) detector. If I lived and drove in a remote area, it might be different.
    My new car has handsfree bluetooth, and now on my daily commute, the 4 radar speed signs that I pass do not go off in the middle of a conversation.
    This detector works well for me.

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    Default Re: 9500i is great

    Quote Originally Posted by abetaque
    trust me, your detector is worthless against instant-on or laser despite what some people say about signals/reflections from the car ahead).
    I agree with everything you said BUT this. I as well sold my V1 because it was alerting to a instant on speed trap and I had mentally tuned it out.

    however, instant on is defeatable if you have a rabbit. or if the LEO is not well trained and is hitting every car. Many V1 users will tell you including myself that I've picked up laser scatter on many opportunites, slowed down, before they targeted me. I would usually play for a few seconds then turn my jammers off hoping it mighit save someone else.

    when I had the 9500i it picked up laser scatter really well against the stalker, however when he aimed at my fog lights it stopped alerting.

    the best thing is to be happy with what you have. I'm loving the auto mute on my STI and its range is excellent.

    happy motoring.

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    I agree that perhaps I made an overstatement here. There are situations in which instant-on can be detected, as you described. However, there are many other situations in which it cannot be detected. Same with laser. Thus, the thrust of my point holds true, which is that a radar detector merely reduces your odds of a ticket and the lockout/real LEO concern of the 9500i is minimal compared to the instant-on/laser risk.



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