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    Default Self Cal message followed by lock up - Help!!!

    Here is my situation. I purchased the 8500 X50 2 weeks ago from Car Toys. I have it on the windshield below the rear view mirror. When the car is parked, I remove the detector and put it in the center console. I do not know what verison it is, but it is red text.

    I have two problems that may or may not be related:

    1) In 2 weeks, I have seen the "Self Cal" message at least twice. I looked it up in the book and found nothing on it so I turned to you guys.

    2) In the past week, I have had the unit start up by saying "Passport" then "8500 x50" and then hanging there. It has happened several times including last night where it followed a "Self Cal" message and this morning where it just started up that way. I pulled the plug and plugged it back in, turned it off/on and nothing would make the message go away. Also, in this mode the radar does not work. Last night it finally got going after about 5 minutes. This morning it took at least 10 minutes.

    So is this unit (2 weeks old) going south? Is this normal? Should I reset? If so, how do I reset?

    Here is the kicker. I am leaving on a drive trip from Colorado to Texas. I bought the unit 2 weeks ago so I could get comfortable with it prior to the trip, but mainly for my new 40 mile each way commute.

    Any help would be appreciated!


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    It sounds like the unit is defective.

    Is it normal? No.

    But with any electronics, it's inevitable that you run into this on occasion, for you the timing stinks.

    Not sure what I can tell you aside from returning it. Not sure how Escort works the whole warranty thing when buying from a retailer. I've always bougth my units directly from them.

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    Reset it.

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    Return this unit where you bought it QUICK ! Don't waste another day, resetting isn't going to fix this unit, it is BROKE.

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    I agree, return it ASAP.

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    Default New Detector!

    So I brought the unit back to Car Toys and they replaced it, no questions asked. Great service. Let's hope the new one behaves better!

    Thanks for all of your input.

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    Glad to see "Car Toys" was cool about the whole situation. Some places you seem to have to raise !@ll to convince them you we not the cause.

    Good choice by the way, I would have returned it as well.
    The unit was acting like it was defective.

    Your going to really enjoy your X50, I really like mine and I've had
    it for about 3 years now. Never gotten a ticket period!!!!!

    Of course you have to use good judgment as well.
    I've always considered my detector a tool not an
    invisibility cloak.

    Congrats on your new detector. Enjoy.....

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    Mine didn't alert to X at all when going to work, where they have those door sensors that give out strong X.

    Also it gave me full KA alerts when no cop is around.. No self cal message.

    Sent it back, got a new one.



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