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    Default Tale of a defective X50

    So I purchased the X50 RED in Best Buy. I had the old BEL 940, and it works great, but I gave it to my sister since I'm a nice guy.

    Had an option to do the 4year replacement plan, so I did it. $29.95.

    I took it home, and noticed that it was defective due to the following.

    1. I have a strong X-band source at work (those door card reader things) and the BEL, my friend's V1 and BEL 995 all goes to full X band alert. The new escort was totally silent. :roll:

    2. Drive next to a strip mall, and it is silent. :roll: My BEL goes K band crazy.

    3. Drive next to a strip mall, and while my old BEL is picking up K band, X50 starts picking up Ka band. :roll:

    4. Driving on a Freeway, my BEL is silent, X50 starts giving FULL Ka band alert. :roll:

    I had it exchanged, and the new one works fine.

    WTF is up with ESCORT quality these days? I didn't think I'd end up with a lemon right off the bat. :roll:

    Anyways, I'm glad I didn't buy this X50 online. Otherwise, I would had to deal with shipping it back, talking to CS rep, going through BS, yada yada yada.

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    Were you running the X50 and Bel together? It's possible that the leakage from the Bel set the X50 off on Ka. Otherwise, good luck with the new unit.

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    Default quality

    I just resently purchased a x50 and had to exchange it also. As soon as the RD was turned on the it would alert full on Laser for 4-5min. After it warmed up it seemed to be fine. I took it back to the store I bought it from and they replaced it. The new one works great. It was supprising to me that I got an escort that had issues. Maybe escort is having some quality control issues.



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