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    Default X50 Stalker Ka, Spec and Expert mode question

    In the parking lot next to the one I'm in, there are two cop cars with Ka Stalker radar guns. In, Spec mode, I was picking up two different signals. When I switched to Expert mode, I was only picking up one signal. Any one know why?

    Originally, the cop car you can see was giving off 34.723. Then another LEO came into the parking lot left his Stalker on (I could see the unit lighted up in the dash) and he was giving off 34.754.

    I hope the video isn't too bad

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    The X50's expert mode is frequency based. I'm not sure about it if it is +/-30 mhz. I have posted it in some of the topics a couple weeks before that the X50 will only show 1 bogey in expert mode when there are actually 2 sources when same brand Ka band radars are used- same brand radar will have the same or close frequencies. The expert mode has the same function and application of the lockout feature. If you lockout 1 source of the same frequency, it also locks out the other in the same location as seen in the 9500i.

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