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    Default Hardwiring HELP PLEASE =[

    Well, I'm about to buy some hardwiring parts, but I'm not sure what I need. I'd like to buy them all at once. Can you guys give me a list of what I need to buy.


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    Dude, dont be lazy :roll: . Search the forum and you will find more than what you need to know. That being said you need to make some decisions before you can even make a list.

    1) Do you want smartcord functionality (remote mute button)
    2) Do you want to source power from the fusebox or tap a powerwire
    3) Do you have mini fuses or regular?

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    No smartcord functionality, use the fusebox's power. And I'm not sure what kind of fuses?

    Mazda Miata 1993 if that helps any much.

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    The best way to do it if you arent comfortable messing around w/ your car is to just drop 20 bucks at best buy and have them do it.

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    You need a direct wire available at, ebay etc...(Used to be here but I cant find it ($10)

    an add a circuit (either mini or regular depending on what your miata has) available at any auto parts store ($5)

    an extra fuse mini or regular (again dependant on your car)
    Mini fuse is slighly wider than a quarter inch

    Save the money and do it yourself, takes 15 mins tops

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    Yeah, it's pretty easy with the add-a-fuse. Don't jump ahead and buy an extra fuse though, my add-a-fuse came with several (in different amperages).

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    Alright, thanks. Yeah I was planning on buying the materials then ask Best Buy to do it since I'm not sure on how/where to wire it to. Thanks for the list with pictures gobuckeyes.

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    And can these "add-a-fuses" be bought at radioshack?

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    Quote Originally Posted by atruelunatic
    And can these "add-a-fuses" be bought at radioshack?
    Call them and ask. I get mine at advance auto parts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by atruelunatic
    And can these "add-a-fuses" be bought at radioshack?
    They're mostly found at auto-stores. As already said Advanced probably has them, as well as Pep Boys.



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