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    Default Thoughts on the 9500i (Warning.....NOOB)

    So I have been doing some research and thinking about buying a detector. I have an old Bel 840i that I have been driving around with just to see if I would even be interested in using a detector.

    I have really narrowed my choices to a V1 or the 9500i.

    I see lots of praise of the V1 but honestly my friends that have them get the same annoying falses that I do with my old 840i. So in turn they ignore these locations and drive normally, or automaticlly mute/shut off the detector.

    I have seen the rants and problems with the 9500i. I have even watched a couple of the videos of it here not picking up a radar gun because a location was marked as a false.

    It would seem that even if it is totally locking out a location automaticly, it is only doing what all of us are doing manually by ignoring the falses in these locations.

    Which oddly enough was proven to me on my morning drive. There is ALWAYS a false at one spot on the highway and I ALWAYS ignore it. But this morning there was a cop there running traffic. No idea why he ignored me doing 80 in a 55 :roll:

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    With the V1 can you listen to it alert at the same place everyday but if there is another signal present such as a cop's radar you should hear an additional bogey lock tone indicating an extra signal than usual which would alert you to the cop's radar.

    With the 9500i you could lock out that location and not get an alert at all even if there was a cop there running radar. The only way the 9500i would alert you is if the cop is running Ka band or you put it in highway mode turning the lock out feature off. This is the way it works until Belscort changes it which so far they have refused to do and it is also one of the biggest reasons people return them followed by it's lack of sensitivity.

    Take your pick.

    In my opinion the 2 best radar detectors right now are the V1 and STi. I prefer the STi.

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    with the way Escort treats there customers go with a Bel STi excellent detector!

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    9500i just isnt there yet. if those are your only 2 options, IMO I think you should look into the V1. Just be prepared for some noise as well.

    I heard that a "perfect" balanced detector of range and "filtering" is the Bel STI, if you like a detector with some means of keeping quiet.



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