Looks: Display is the best of any detector on the market, demands respect.

Sensitivity: Easily one of the most sensitive radar detectors on the market, lacks laser reception.

Quality: Very sturdy unit, but plastic casing is prone to scratching.

Support: Escort has really improved customer service, easily one of the best in the business.

Features: Auto mute, Spec Display, Expert Display - rivals Valentine Ones bogey counter, GPS Lock Out Feature, Heads up Display. Hands down the most useful feature rich dash mounted radar detector money can buy.

Falsing: GPS Lock Out Feature, Auto Mode, City Mode, Auto Mute. Truly revolutionary that a detector that is incredibly sensitive can be so quiet.

Value: Premium price, would like to see it packaged with the great accessories supplied with the STi.

Ease of Use: Easy to program, can easily be programmed on the fly.

Ramp up: Visual ramp up is great in STD display but lacking in Expert, Escort listened to the consumers and updated the audible alert. It's still no X50, but it's a step in the right direction.

Tone Alerts: Easy to listen to, Loud, and Voice Prompts.

Overall, the Escort 9500i is definitely worth the premium price.