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    Default Escort X50 Quick Review:

    Looks= 7 (Slanted to the left makes it easier to view, bulky but smaller than 9500i. Red display is accurate in all lighting conditions, love full dark. But also heavy so it causes it to shake to much on the wind shield mount)

    Sensitivity= 7 ( X is decent, K is incredible, Ka is lacking. Laser is decent but no V1.)

    Quality=9 ( Amazing. Great little units with every long life spans, proven over time. )

    Support= - ( Never had to call in so no rating )

    Features= 8 ( Auto mute, Spec Display, Expert Mode is a lot better than the V1 Bogey Counter, But no Auto Dim. )

    Falsing= 6 ( Auto mode is a decent around town, but is old enough not receive the finesse, and new technology that has gone into the STi & 9500i. )

    Value= 10 (These go for what is considered a steal on eBay anywhere from 50 dollars to 150. Best bang for the buck radar detector money can buy ).

    Ease of Use= 10 ( STi & X50 have it right. Easiest detectors to program and use. )

    Ramp up= 10 ( Visual and Audible ramp up this detector sets the bar and it sets it high. Best on the market. )

    Tone Alerts= 10 ( Normal or Loud your choice. Very distinctive, and very loud. )

    Overall= 8.55 so round it up to 8.6

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    What rev X50 are you "reviewing"?

    I would rate loud mode a 10 for alerts, and standard mode a 3 or so.

    No mention of the scanning dot?
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    Pretty much nailed it. For the money, a very good detector

    My mini review as well

    Looks-7 (Display is visible in all conditions when up high)
    Sensitivity-8 (No X in FL, Rarely encounter K but it was good when encountered, Ka is really good, laser is better than average)
    Quality-7 (Dropped once, still working, power connecter may need attention in future)
    Features-8 (Spec display, Expert mode, voltage meter, auto mute)
    Falsing-7 (Pretty quiet most of the time, though it starts to make some noise when in downtown)
    Value-10 (Cheapest of the "Top 4," can get them for cheaper on Ebay)
    Ease of Use-10 (Extremely easy to program)
    Ramp up-10 (Very good. Definatly better than the Bels)
    Tone Alerts-10 (Excellent and very audiable when set to loud)
    Overall- 8.375

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    This is purely subjective as the only other RD's I've had were a 7500 for a week or so and a 995 for 3 weeks. I have owned a total of 5 X50's. 3 Rev 5's and 2 Rev 6.1's.

    Looks- 9 Quite possibly the sexiest RD out there. The blue LED's are incredibly aesthetically pleasing.
    Sensitivity- 8??? I can only base this on the tests I have seen where the X50 always hangs in there with the other top 4.
    Quality- 7 The Rev 5's I've owned showed the self cal message a few times. I have never received the service required message because I always returned the X50 at BB when it showed the service required message several times and if I could tell that the range was diminishing.
    Support- ??? Never had to use it.
    Features- 9 Would get a 10 if it had arrows. Spec meter, Exp meter, blue LED's, scanning dot, volt meter FTW!
    Falsing- 9 I have NEVER had a false with my Rev 6.1, not even on pop. My Rev 5's occassionally falsed on Pop. Overall, the X50 is rather quiet. I can't imagine what the V1 is like.
    Value- 9
    Ease of Use- 10 The RD is so easy to program!!!
    Ramp up- 9 Most of the alerts I get have been pretty linear, much better than the 995.
    Tone Alerts- 10 The tones are loud enough for me to easily hear them while cruising down the highway with the windows down and the music up. The tones are also very distinguishable.
    Overall- 8.9

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    As of today I am mad at my x50. It keeps picking up the usual falses like 3 bars late, Ka is almost none existant, I don't even know what K band is doing.
    Maybe it was just the crappy weather the past few days. hopefully.

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    ^^^rain wont interfere with RADAR, mist and fog will though, just for reference purposes

    Looks- 8... definately one of the more modern looking units out there, definately more modernized and streamlined in certain areas, like the full text dot matrix display..... cant go wrong with Blue, be unique

    Sensitivity- 9... for my daily drives it beats the V1 cold, I rely too heavily on off-axis, and the V1 just couldnt deliver

    Quality- 10... almost 2 years, and only 1 self-cal later, and im still pleased with it

    Support- ??? Never had to use it.

    Features- 9... good functional features, and easier to change on the move than V1 by far, display options are great due to the modernized display suite, Expert display, indipendent signal alocation of up to 8 contacts, nobody else can do that, enough said

    Falsing- cant say, im ALWAYS on full sensitivity, so falses register just like live contacts

    Value- 9... cheapest of the top 3 in red (like the rest of um) and performance right in there with the best of um, and also easiest to obtain without the internet (Escort retailers all have X50, V1 is only direct, and Bel dealers usually only have up to V995)

    Ease of Use- 10... real great beginners unit fresh out of the box, easy to program and get used to, easy to read display for newbies too (the jumbled LED mess of the V1 turns me off)

    Ramp up- 9... good sense of range with nice steady strength increases, V1 was the same though, so its all good

    Tone Alerts- 9... LOUD mode is great, but V1 did have a louder speaker on its own to compensate, but still great

    Overall- 9.125

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    X50 is awesome!!! I'd get one. Oh wait, I already did.

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    I would argue about the quality. I had to return mine once and SJ twice. Other than this it is my 2nd favorite detector
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    buyradardetectors rocks!

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    Hate to be the party-pooper.....


    Yup. Bought one and found it would power up and pass self-test then go silent and never alert on REAL radar!

    The first replacement had very short K and Ka range and wasn't near as loud as the one it replaced.

    The second replacement is a winner! Everything I thought I should have gotten with the first two. All bought at BestBuy and all were factory-sealed rev 6.1 brand new.

    The jury's still out on the present #3 but so far I'm happy with it.

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    After some Sherlock Holmes-esk detective work... there is your problem right there...

    Quote Originally Posted by bobdat
    All bought at BestBuy and all were factory-sealed rev 6.1 brand new.




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