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    Default Old 8500 (not X50) question

    I have an old 8500 that I have had for at least 5 years I know I got it when they just came out. My question is I sent it in to be updated (the $79 service from Escort) is it worth it to keep? Or should I give it to a friend?

    My concern is that ether itís totally out dated or that its one of the best detectors made using better quality parts than they do now.

    I currently have a new 9500I and love it.

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    Keep the 8500 if there is nothing wrong with it when you get it repaired. My 8500 beats my X50 on 35.5 Ka and overall I think the 8500 is a better detector than the X50.

    Belscort only made 2 great detectors in recent years IMO, the 8500 (non X50) and the STi.

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    I would use what you are comfortable with. I have one of each. My wife gets the X50 and I stick with the original. I am still happy.



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