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    Default Best mounting position for SR7 Radar Antenna?

    Hey everyone. I have been searching these forums for a long time but now have the impluse to post since burning questions remain unanswered. Maybe someone can link me to some topics concerning the radar antenna placement for the SR7? I have searched, and the only info I can find is RacerX having a custom placement, but I can't find any info on it. Can anyone help me with potential custom placements of the SR7 antenna?

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    Hopefully, RacerX - or someone with more intimate knowledge of his placement - will respond directly to this, but from what I can recall reading on the Forums, his were located as high as he could go in the cabin of his truck....which itself might explain the awesome radar detection distances seen.

    I'd imagine that this mounting, though, would have an equally negative impact on the laser reception - and definitely, jammer head placement will tremendously decrease the outgoing jamming ability. This was proven, directly, for the ZR3 (and thus, its Escort sister products) by brother edweird (and I believe there was another Forum member who was involved in the test - brother ELVATO, maybe? I just can't seem to get the second page of that thread to load to confirm).



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