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    Default Bel Escort Detectors No "Ka" detection?

    Hi guys,

    Using a Bel RX65 myself. Other using Bel 995, 855STi and various. Anyone can explain this?

    For the Record No 11.2 / 2005
    Ph. 07 3220 3002

    July 2005.
    The Ka KRISIS confirmed on US web sites, BEL and ESCORT blind to New Fast QLD Ka radar.
    It did not take long for Escort and BEL detector owners begin to associate NIL Ka responce with the internal detector design glitch.

    July 2005.
    The Ka KRISIS highlights BEL and ESCORT serious Achilles heel.
    A QLD web site called it the "Ka Krisis" And WOW, it certainly is. The AU web site, (NOT inadvertently (or was it ?) made public a software problem that is present in "ALL" imported new and old BEL, BEL PRO, XR, Vector and Escort X50 superwide band, Ka Band radar detectors that have been sold.
    The problem has the potential to render these detectors useless against any new QLD Ka radar units now in use.
    The BEL engineers, to reduce false alarms, which are the bane of all digital, Superwide, all band, Ka radar detectors BEL and ESCORT, developed software that turns off all Ka radar detection, indefinitely ( that's NO detection of any Ka radar) when the detector is subjected to Radio Frequency Interference (R.F.I) of a certain type or band. And this is on top of horrific Ka Digital Delay problems, also present in all these superwideband Ka models.

    This RFI may come from a Telecom tower, Radio transmitter, CD payer , Car stereo, Vehicle ECU. CB radio, UHF radio, or RADAR DRONE/Zapper in other vehicles.
    All Ka detection of these Superwide Ka detection units will remain turned off/shut down, for as long as the key RFI is present.

    The BEL and ESCORT Ka detection (All Ka) could be off for most of the time the detector is in use, or worse,
    may be disabled just prior to being zapped by a new Ka band speed radar unit
    , Ka Camera unit. (WA)

    A bigger problem is. The BEL or Escort all band detector does no tell or indicate to the user, that "all" Ka band detection is turned OFF. ???
    And Zap your gone, no beep no warning.!!

    Older style and new AU made ANALOGUE K and Ka radar detectors did not and do not have this problem. This is why analogue detectors were so popular in New Zealand where Ka radar has operated for years.
    The more broad ramifications are still to come.
    We get some Ka in South Australia and a lot in Queensland since the past few months. Is this some new problem on latest software version of Bels or all Bel and Escort?



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    i posted this a few days ago... most people thought it was a hoax..... not as in i'm hoaxing it but the info was a hoax!

    you could try asking escort if they are a fault with them!



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