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Thread: Pro 78 vs 8500

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    Default Pro 78 vs 8500

    I have recently bought the Whistler Pro 78, but I now have an opportunity to buy a slightly used Escort 8500 (not x50).

    Which is better? Should I sell my whistler and buy the 8500?

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    Newman I've got them both...If you have the ability to keep the Pro78 and buy the used it. It is nice to have a backup!

    That would give you the opportunity to test both and make an informed decision on what works best for you in your area. Kind of a best of both worlds scenario.

    I haven't had my Pro78 for too long, but so far so good. The software can be updated and there are a few "enhancements" in the works that will be available!! I've had my 8500 for a long time and trust it completely. I just need more drive time with the 78 to gain that same confidence, but I'm happy to have the Pro78 hanging in the window thus far.

    Either way, I think you will have a winner. Unless of course the 8500 has issues that you don't know about.

    Good luck with your decision!!

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    With the Pro 78 you will get free updates from Mike B and the team, you will get great REAL WORLD performance, and you will have one cool full featured detector. It is THE BEST BANG FOR THE $$$$$$ bar none
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