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    I am think about getting a radar detector and i had a couple of questions. My first question is that if i get a 9500i what are ramp problems that everyone is talking about? My other question is that if i get the 9500i and escort comes out with upgrades i can return the 9500i and get the upgraded one for free? My last question is that if it was up to you would you get a V1, 8500 x50, or 9500i?? (Sorry if you hate that question, i just want a couple of opinions)

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    I drive on very urban highways and through industial refineries. I like the 8500(SR7) because spec mode lets me identify signals. Also my jammer interfaces with the SR7 so I only have to look one place for threats.

    However, If I was a driving rural interstates a lot I would go with the V1. That's a very nice piece of electronics.
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    I had an 8500 non x50 and it was a good detector, if your looking for cost benefit go with the x50 if you can spend anything get the V1 & Speed Cheetah. If you want an equal medium go with the 9500I

    The sensitivity on the 9500I is real good but the ramp up is not linear, it goes from a 1-1-1-2-2-3-6-8-9-9-9 but because its so quiet it only alerts if there is a real threat so slow down on the 1st beep. (Always scars the hell out of me)
    I donít believe they will upgrade for free but you can update and hopefully the USB port will actually allow you to do it from home.

    I love my 9500i and it has saved me many times. I like peace and quiet thatís why I got rid of my wife and bought a 9500i.

    I would have gotten a V1 and the speed Cheetah if it was available but that package would be around $900, maybe next year.

    In the end pick 2, try them both and keep the one you like.



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