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    Default Escort 8500 Broken Speaker

    This is my first post. I searched for a similar posting, but found none. I dropped my 8500 and the speaker is broken completely free of the circuit board, and so is not working. Any thoughts on whether this is worth fixing and how much such a repair might cost? Thanks. :?:

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    Just solder it back on, price $0

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    Ah, just solder it. Well, thanks, but it seems to me that the speaker was soldered to the circuit board but using no wires, just directly attached via two very, very small brass colored "tabs" located at the bottom of the black speaker cylinder. Do you know if the speaker itself is two parts, so that I can open it to attach the base to the board with solder and then replace the top part? This does not appear to me to be a "user friendly repair, at least not at my level of electronics repair ability. Any help appreciated.

    I am also looking for input from anyone with a similar problem who used Escort repair service and can advise price, etc.


    Was ist irgendwie real?

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    Offhand I don't know. Stupid SMD You can get replacement speakers fairly simply, but first I'd try to solder some small gauge wire between the remnants of the tabs and the board.

    You can ship to Escort, I've heard anything from $65 to $85 fees.

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    Default yeah

    Yeah, SAS is right, do it yourself, you will save a lot of $$$.

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    Put a few pictures of the speaker itself and the circuit board (showing as many contacts/leads as possible).

    If I can't help you after that I'm sure one of the more electrically savvy people here can.

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