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    Default Your Escort Customer Service Experience?

    Hello, as a newbie here, I've noted a lot of expressed frustration towards Escort customer service scattered throughout topics, but didn't see one place devoted to talking about Escort customer service. If a topic like this already exists, please excuse me, and feel free to post a link to that topic URL.

    Here's my story:

    I bought an Escort 9500i on June first, just after I got a "speeding" ticket for doing 33mph in a 25mph zone. [Incredible speed, huh. Incredible fine, btw--- $100. Maybe I'll post a topic about that some time.]

    The unit seemed to work fine, except the auto-mute didn't work. Whereas my 8500x50 mutes after about five or eight seconds, this one never went into auto-mute, even as I slowly passed a patrol car that had its radar unit running, while the cop was outside the car writing the ticket..

    So, after a few weeks, I called Escort and a not-so-polite rep told me to send it back and hung up. I called back and asked for a return authorization number or some way to track it. He said he would mail me UPS labels.

    Two weeks later I called back because the labels had not yet arrived. This time, a courteous rep told me there was no record of my previous two phone calls. He told me he would email me the labels. He did--they were in my in-box within an hour. I shipped the unit back on a Friday and had my replacement Wednesday.

    BTW, the first unit had a serial number beginning with 17 and the new one has a serial number beginning with 24.

    I look forward to reading your stories.

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    I had an old 8500 non x50 that I called to have the $70 service done. I told the gentleman what I was looking to do and he politely said they had an $80 trade in towards a new purchase, I thanked him for the offer but just wanted my 8500 fixed/updated.
    Then he proceeded to give me an authorization number after he took my info and detailed instructions on where to put the authorization number on my letter describing what was wrong and to put it on the box.
    I didnít pay at the time but Escort sent me a card saying they received my RD and needed $$$ before they fixed/updated my unit.
    I called that same day and spoke to a woman, she asked for my authorization number and took my CC over the phone.

    Overall I was happy with there service. I have even called other times to ask questions about the 9500I and all were polite enough, never rude. E-Mails have been good too.

    Must be a saboteur from V1 answering the phone some times.

    I even got a FREE smart cord, 4 suction cups and a clip.

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    The first time I called-in to try to get my ZR3 fixed, out-of-warranty (at the time, the unit was nearly 3 years old), I encountered a rather less-than-friendly and totally ignorant CS rep.

    Not only did he not know, at all, what the ZR3 was, but he also failed to forward my call to the proper tech channel, and he was definitely bordering on rude, through it all.

    I chalked it up to the fact that a long-weekend was coming, and perhaps that person had wanted to get out of the office....waited a week or so, then called back.

    This time, I got a female CS rep who was both friendly and knowledgeable, and put me through to an appropriate tech, who was also friendly and knowledgeable. My questions were not only answered, but even anticipated, and the product service request was set-up without a hitch.

    Brother proudNMAmember wrote in a previous thread that one of Escort's CS reps, a person named "Dan," was, from his experience, consistently the rudest and least knowledgeable. I unfortunately did not get the name of the first rep that I talked to, but I'm inclinde to believe that it is this person.

    I've sadly forgotten the name of the second, friendly and knowledgeable female CS rep who took such good care of me. I'll try to dig up this record, but I'm not sure I've noted it.

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    "Dan" the V1 saboteur spy.

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    Each and every time I have called them especially with questions around Truelock, they have been friendly and helpful, even if at times the person who I spoke to didn't really understand the questions. She tried at least.



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