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    Default X50 Ka detection fades closer to source?

    My friend and I both have Rev 5 X50's and he's been telling me about his experiences since I had just got mine. He's been telling me he's had a lot of instances where he would get a Ka alert with the signal strength reaching 3-4 bars and as he drives a little bit further on it stops and he finally sees the LEO. I told him there could be several reasons for doing so in defense of the X50 like instant on or he could just happened to turn off his radar, BUT the same thing happened to me today.

    I was on Hwy 6 in Sugar Land at a street light and could see from a good distance, the flashing red and blue lights from a LEO. As I start accelerating and drive forward towards the LEO, I get a Ka alert of about maybe .4-.5 miles from the cop and the X50 climbs to 3-4 bars as I'm continuing to get closer and then all of a sudden it stops and doesn't alert anymore. I didn't pass by the LEO since I had to turn right onto a different street before I could pass by it.

    Has anyone else had this happen before and felt like it shouldn't have?

    I know there could be a lot of factors why I didn't keep getting alert and there were a good number of cars on the road that could've maybe blocked the signal? Maybe he turned off his radar gun? Oh and the LEO was there because of an accident that had happened.

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