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    Default Next time I'll buy my accessories from Roy...

    So after buying a X50 2 weeks ago I bought a direct hardwire smartcord from Escort and ordered 2 quantities of the windshield mount and suction cups in case, one for my friend, one for myself in case I ever needed backup suction cups.

    So I get the package in a padded envelope and lo and behold, I get my hardwire, BUT only ONE mount and only 4 suction cups when I should have received TWO mounts and 8 suction cups. Plus one of the suction cups was smash and bent out of shape. At least get the freaking order right.

    Thanks a lot Escort, next time I'm buying my accessories from Roy.

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    I've ordered stuff from Escort and never had a problem. Dunno..

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    Haha when I wrote the post I wasn't exactly in a good mood since I found out I got overcharged for something else on my credit card.

    I'm in no rush to my suction cups and extra mount, so I e-mailed Escort instead of calling. Hopefully they'll respond soon and send me my other order.



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