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    Default how to find out if its a refurb unit?

    im lookin at buying a used one off of ebay, and it says the serial number can i call in, if so whats the number?

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    I did the same thing you did and bought a used X50 off of e-bay a couple of weeks ago. I did call them to see if there was any way they could tell me the history of the unit if I told them the serial number and their representative said there was no way to do that. I didn't quite understand why not, but then she said it would be associated with a name of the purchaser.

    Basically what I think the CS representative meant was that if you don't buy it new DIRECTLY from Escort or from an authorized reseller and register it through their website, you have no guaranteed way of telling whether or not a unit is a refurb or not since these things can be passed around easily. Makes sense to me because if you buy new, your name would be registered to them and you would have full confidence that your unit should perform up to factory standards.

    I noticed you had just purchased the X50. Did you buy it off of e-bay by any chance? Hope you get a good one, otherwise it'll be $59.95 to tune/repair the X50 from Escort.

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    there is nothing that they can do to make the unit better. If it's not showing service required or repeated self calibration messages then it's a waste of money. I highly doubt it's referb'd but you could always ask the seller where they bought it.

    I hope you enjoy your x50. keep us posted on how she's doing.



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