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    Default Wouldn't it be nice....

    If the X50 or Rx 65's could be programmed to show the distance of the radar alert in miles? Both detectors should be able to display this in a numeric value. Say something like KA - 3 or KA - .5 then you would know that the radar that its picking up is 3 miles away or a half a mile away. I would think this could be used in expert mode and show multiple threats. With the new chips inside these detectors you would think it would be possible to program it this way. What do you guys think?

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    Impossible as the power levels of the guns vary. The detector knows the exact strength of the signal, which is displayed via beeping or numbers, but impossible to calculate distance with it, ie if it was raining distance would be off etc.

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    i soppose with lab programing it could but you'd find the detector would suddenly decrease the miles and you'd think it was 1 mile away the next second your on top of it!

    i soppose military equipment can do this but how much do they cost!




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