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    Default waring time passport 8500x50

    hi everyone i just bought my first radar detector a passport 8500x50 rev 6.1 about a month ago it saved me a few times. i was on a road trip yesterday i encounter some Leo on the opposite direction i pick up KA band about .6 miles before they pass me i think there were on Constantly on because i encounter 6 on the trip and they look like they were busy driving toward some where. my question is .6 miles enough warning time and i was on H mode.

    p.s. i have pop on should i have that turn off?

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    .6 is enough, Ka-band is the hardest to detect so.. i would turn pop off, less false alerts and you'll be much happier

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    Quote Originally Posted by xrs9430
    .6 is enough, Ka-band is the hardest to detect so.. i would turn pop off, less false alerts and you'll be much happier
    qft...i finally turned off pop after a year(i was pretty reluctant to) and what a differance it makes. i barely get any falses from crapras maybe one here and there but i know they are there because i see them

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    My experience with pop mode on or off with the x50 being- I have owned the rev 5, 3, and 6.1. I think the 6.1 has pop(falses) more perfected cause I never got a false on the 6.1...My rev 5 has a total of 8 mins pop mode one due to pop falses every 60 seconds.

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    Anything that alerts you with enough time to react accordingly is "enough time to react."

    But yea, a 0.6 mile alert from the LEO coming the other way does seem about normal.



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