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    Default Escort 8500 x50 in Ontario...


    So I just purchased a new escort x50 off ebay. After doing a little research I discovered that there is a new "spectre" in this radar hating world and the escort doesnt like it any better then me. So my question is, what is the likeliness of me getting caught if I do this:
    1. Put a direct wire to the radar
    2. Pull out the radar the moment I detect a cop.

    I know spectre can detect me but will I be able to detect them at all? do they usually carry radar with the spectre so I will at least know. And who has the spectre, I live in Ottawa so would the local police have these? or just the OPP? I just dont want to loose a $400 detector and a $170 fine :shock: And one more question, how easy is it for them to know what car exactly has the radar when thier spectre goes off? Thanks alot peeps!!


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    I don't see the point when you can get an STI then no more worries.

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    Only problem is already bought the escort... and I don't know if I am able to return it. So would it be an absolute stupid idea to use the escort in the city of ottawa? would the local po. have the spectre? and can I detect a cop with spectre?

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    Ok so I just got refunded for the escort x50 and bought a Bel Sti Driver. :twisted: This is the one you were refering to that is "invisible" to the spectre?

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    Yes, it is invisible to Spectre. Just be careful with the whole "brake light" thing they do. A LEO doesn't need a Spectre to know that if he just shot radar and you braked, that you have a radar detector. My suggestion, get a cheap, useless radar detector and keep it in your car. If you are ever pulled over and told to "hand it over" just give them the cheap one

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    LMAO Thats awesome! So do you know where I can get one dirt cheap? :twisted: eBay? I guess i'll spend at least $10 to make sure it boots up in case he needs to test it. As for the Bel Sti, how long do you think they will "undetectable", until the LEO's get a spectre 4!!

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    Default I wouldn't

    I wouldn't worry about the "supposed" Spectre 4 just yet.

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    I suggest you hide the STI very well just to be safe. Hard Wire the unit with the SmartCord and place the mute button in a good location where you can
    see the Red alert light blink.

    Here's something you can try.

    You can also order this Undercover Detector Sun Visor Holder from Roy

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    Thanks for the posts! And holly **** Orbital75 lol. Awesome pics, I am definately going to buy or figure out how to turn my CD case into one of these concoctions!!!

    Oh and the only other concern that I have is the 33.8 feq. problem..... I bought mine off ebay and it says "latest firmware" but I wouldnt be surprised if it's not the new "fixed" firmware. A) Is there a way to check my firmware version (if so which one is the "fixed" firmware) B) If its not the newest firmware, can I get it flashed even if I bought it on ebay? Is there a charge?

    Thanks broz!


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    If you want to stealth mount your STi with any type of visor holder, use the visor mount from bel and then install the visor case on top of it. This way it will stay secure. Glue a peice of fabric of similar colour to the unit for a full quick stealth...

    The Radar busters unit is nice, but it is so tight and if you have to move your RD between vehicles it is not ideal. Plus the straps are elastic and not velcro so they can't be adjusted.

    Further, until further notice radar busters cant ship the undercover mount to Canada. I PM Roy and he is looking into this.



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