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    Default x50 rev 6.1 Vs 6.3 ?

    I checked the version on mine and it is 6.3.
    i was wondering if any one knows what is the difference from the 6.1 ?

    thanks Danny

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    I'm not really sure about the differences except my 6.3 is better than my Crapra. lol. But seriously now, the 6.3 has great constant k band (knock on wood). i know this because i live in sterling, co. thats all they use here. :wink:

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    We just got a 6.3 X50 for my wife, and I just had to drive around with both to compare my original 2003 8500 to the X50. They seemed just about identical in every alert I got. I ran around town and through parking lots looking for signals.

    I thought the X50 would show greater sensitivity to K, but it seemed just about exact to my 8500.




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