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    Default Ka 33.900/200 constant

    This has me puzzled. My SR7 gave me a "Check Reciever" Warning. So I went through the whole system and double checked the connections. I found one weak spot in the engine bay where the radar reciever connects to the wire leading to the cpu. This connection should be secured on either side by a wire harness but my lazy a$$ used only one. I cleaned and resucured the connection appropriately.

    For the past week or so occasionally I will get a Ka 33.900/200 signal that will not end until I restart the unit. I already did a hard reset but it still will alert to this frequency from time to time. Of course today it didn't do it at all. You guys think I should send it in?
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    I would call-email tech support and see what they say.

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    Send it in for sure if you have doubts



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