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    Default excort 56x8500 in red

    hey yall im a noob to the radar world since i just turned 16 havent had much use till now. my first rd was a corbra but after reading yall thoughts here i went to a pawn shop and got a x56 8500 in red. I noticed most of yall have the blue version what is the diffrence? also i am having trouble finding a good mounting spot since it doesnt have suction cup. Does anybody have have expeirence with the red version? thanks for any help.

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    Why not just buy a suction cup mount or a visor clip or...

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    where do they sell these at? and it looks like it was made for the dash rite now i have it dead center. but it looks like the wiper blades mite be interfering with it.

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    X56??? With no suction cups? Where'd you buy this thing?

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    pawn shop lol it had one of those velcro things on the bottom doesnt help tho. Does it do any good being that low on the car? also do any of yall have exprince in the red version of this?

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    First of all, most likely what you got was a Escort Passport 8500 X50...don't know where you got X56 from.

    There are no differences between the blue version and the red version performance wise. The blue one costs more since the blue LED's are more expensive to produce.

    Just wondering how much did you get the thing for? Does it have a FCC ID and a serial number underneath the unit?

    Don't bother velcroing it to your dash. Your best bet is to buy a mounting bracket with suction cups either directly from Escort or you can find them off of ebay. Ideal places to mount would be in the middle of your windshield or higher as long as it's underneath the tint band. I mount mine in the right in the middle of my windshield.

    Just turned 16 eh? Hope you don't plan on using the radar just to speed. :wink:

    Drive safe.


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    i got it for 80 bucks and just used the suction cups from my old cobra i will check to see if it has the fcc number (just wondering why its important?) is this radar any good?

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    You can call Escort and buy a new mount or you can order this
    kit from radar busters.......

    Includes the following:

    * windshield suction cup mount with 2 suction cups
    * 2 replacement suction cups
    * visor clip mount
    * black leatherette carrying case

    For current and older radar detectors including Escort Passport models 9500i, 8500 X50, 8500, 7500S, 7500, 6800, 5000, 4600, 4500, 4200 and Escort Solo models S2, RD-5110, 5, 4.

    What you have is either an Escort 8500 or an Escort 8500 X50.
    there are no differences between the color. One is Red the other is blue.
    If you see Self Cal or Service Required pop up on the display, that
    means it's out of tune and needs repair.

    Just figure I would run that by you so when it happens you know what
    to do. It will cost 60.00 to fix.
    I just have this feeling you'll be seeing that message soon since it came
    from a pawn shop.

    Hope all this helps

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    Yes the X50 is very good. It is one of the top 3 performers out there.

    I was asking about the serial number because without it, you can't get it repaired by Escort if it ever flashes 'Service Required' or 'Self Cal' messages.

    I was also just wondering what revision you got. Is the FCC ID QKL8500 or QKLX5M4?

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    got my first save today going about 45 in a 35 i start to get an X band right before i go over a small bridge nothing to strong and if there wasnt any stores around i prly wouldnt have slowed down but i let off down till 40 as soon as i can see the other side i see a fort bend sheriff running a constant radar i guess. I never got full bars is this something i should be consierned about? still really glad on my first save.



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