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    I received my new 9500i recently and I am very happy with it. I had one of the very first 9500i's when they first came out but I was not pleased with it so I returned it. I went back to my 8500 which is a very good unit. I wanted something more recent so I went with the 8500x50 but was not very impressed over the 8500 so I returned it, with no hassle from Escort. I thought I would try the latest version of the 9500i and I'm glad I did. The sensitivity is very good and the lack of false alarms is a pleasure. I see a lot of hype over the V1 but the features of the 9500i can't be denied. When it comes to sensitivity the 8500, 8500x50 and the 9500i get the job done. After awhile the distance range of detectors just becomes academic, if you get enough warning there is radar ahead to keep you out of trouble what more do you need?

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    I agree as I have both the 9500i and V1. The V1's range is undeniably better (for me), but the 9500 has ALWAYS given me ample time to carefully slow down. There are times that I want to use one over the other. And yes, the usefulness of the V1's arrows cannot be denied. In summary, different strokes for different folks. Enjoy your new 9500i

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    Well I have found the V1 to give much more warning period than the 9500i. i do like the ability to block out falses and slow through those areas , but thats the point of a detector to be able to be alerted to radar and be cautious and not really have to slow. So the 9500i's false blocking is useless unless you are in an area where you can't speed anyway due to it being a HI-volume traffic area to traffic light after traffic light.

    As far as the V1's arrows , I the problem is if there is a leo behind you and a car in-front of you, usually the V1 will pick up the signal as in-front of you being stronger than it being in the rear of you. This must be because the V1's front antenna is more sensitive.

    Also I have passed leo's lately where the V1 will keep alerting to front and just go to the < > arrows and not even go to the \/ arrow. So arrows are nice but as many have said not always dependable. But I will say that if you don't know where a leo is and can't see him the V1 helps you find him easier in conditions where you can not see him. It appears the further the leo is from the V1 the more accurate the arrows.
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