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Thread: Laser Falsing

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    Default Laser Falsing

    Ok... When I blow my Horn I get a Laser False.
    of course this is from either a noisy electrical system
    or some other form of RF interference. I'm planning
    on getting a RF Choke from RS to see if that will help.
    I don't use the horn alot but trust me, I will sometime
    and the Laser Alert will scare the !@#$ out of me.

    I looked on Escorts site to see what they would have to
    say about it in their Technical Tutorials and this is their
    take on it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Escort
    Laser Falsing:
    It is unusual to get false laser warnings. Some cars and
    other electronics put out more RF interference than others
    and that interference may cause a false laser alert when
    certain devices are used. Although rare, using the horn,
    windshield wipers, or accelerating, can generate RF interference
    in some vehicles. Does it do the same thing in other cars/trucks?
    New cell phones, new cars with laser adaptive cruise control, and
    the wind-shear equipment at some major airports can also cause
    false laser alerts.

    If you are experiencing false laser alerts of this type, please call our
    Customer Service Department at 800-543-1608 and they will give
    you a repair authorization number and instructions on how to return
    to us. We will be able to make modifications to your detector that will help.
    What would they do to my Detector? Turn my Laser sensitivity down?
    No Thanks !!!!

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    I've always had this with my current car:
    Honking the horn usually sets off a laser alert with my X50.

    The only other time in three years, other than perhaps once or twice, I have had it go off is on the GSP when there were real LIDAR speed traps (about 3 times so far).

    I'll see if the 9500i has the same reaction to my honking the horn.



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