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    Default Jumpy Ramp-Up / Bad Ka Reaction / Best Mount

    Ok guys, just wanted to get your opinion on my Escort Passport x50 (Blue). I've had it for about 1 month now and I bought it brand new from Sharper Image, since I had a giftcard.

    Anyways, LEO's in my area, aside from State Troopers, use constant Ka most of the time. Since I've had my x50, everytime I encounter a cop, it will go to alert level 1, go away, alert level 2, go away, and than just go to the very top! Very annoying! Not sure what's the deal with this.

    Call me crazy, but I like to test it out by driving @ midnight to find a hard working LEO parked on the side of the road and drive past him over and over, going the speed limit of course, to check my range. Tonight, KA gave me about 100 feet, I could see him before the x50 picked it up!

    I mount my detector low, so I can pick up Laser, which I have once from a State Trooper on motorcycle, but definately high enough to avoid the windsheild wipers. Any opinions on this? I just recently placed Veil on so I want the detector low, but it definately seems to be KILLING my range.

    Anybody else having trouble with ramp-up on Ka or just horrible range?

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    Searching on the forums, you are definitely not the only one to complain about bad rampup.

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    But the X50 may be considered the template to base all "ramp up" against.

    Ka on my X50 Blue with Loud tones is the best.

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    In real world situations, you usually pick up reflected signals unless you are in the crossair of the radar guns beam. This reflected signals specially when moving appears and disappears depending on LEO's position/location. Objects between you and the radar gun can partially blocked or completely block the signal for a brief period resulting to having an inconsistent alert. I don't think it is a ramp up problem you are experiencing but rather a normal experience in your case. I believe the ramp up ability of the X50 so far is the best of all the radar detectors i used and that includes the V1, STi, RX65 and 9500i.

    When it comes to ramp up, the X50 is the Ace.

    Here's a related thread.

    If it continues to do what you are experiencing, your X50 may need a tune up.

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    X50 has undoubtedly one of the best ramp-ups out there.

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    You sure they aren't just starting to use IO?

    When you had the alert at 100 feet, was it full alert, or did it ramp up very quickly?

    Lastly, your car's windshield wouldn't happen to have some sort of coating on it, would it?

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    This sounds like a classic " Instant On " case to me. Your getting
    some early warning before the gun is turned off. Then as you
    approach and your within range, he turns it back on and you get
    a Full alert.

    The X50 has the best Ramp up of all the detectors in my opinion.

    One other thing I would check. Throw your Detector into Spec Mode
    and drive around for a day or two. I bet your local Leo's are using
    KA 35.5

    In my experience, the X50 has a bit of a lag on this freq.
    I think other Experienced X50 users would agree.
    I've had my X50 for over 3 years so I kinda know what
    to expect from it.
    Give it a shot and let us know.



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