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    Default 8500 X50 (rev 5, S7) vs. 9500i (UNofficial) detection tests

    I have been testing the 9500i against the 8500 X50.
    These are UNofficial and non-scientific in terms of the detector setup (both powered on and not in same windshield position, although their height and angle are almost the same), but real world in terms of actual LEO encounters.

    Test conditions:
    Both detectors were powered on simultaneously. This never seemed to cause any falses or other stange behavior.
    In fact, for the most part, they both alerted the same bands at the same time (give or take a few seconds).
    Whether this arrangement may have caused one to react slower than the other is something I can't say for sure.

    Both detectors in H mode.
    9500i GPS off. SWS on.

    I plan to run tests with the detectors' locations swapped and with only one powered at a time (especially when I find a "your speed is sign").

    Detection Performance:
    X Band:
    On X band, the 8500 X50 alerted sooner than the 9500i most of the time.
    The signal strength often didn't get to ful alert on the 9500i.
    HOWEVER, these were falses, so it could also be that the filtering is better on the 9500i.
    I'll have to wait till I encounter a LEO with an X band radar gun to get a better feeling of X band radar gun detection.

    K Band:
    Not enough data at this time.

    Ka Band:
    I ran into 4 Ka (34.7 GHz) encounters tonight.
    Encounter 1:
    The first was with the 8500 X50 tilted slightly downward (20 degrees or less) due to the bend in the mount. It was slightly lower than the 9500i (only 1/2 - 3/4 inch).
    The 9500i was to the left of the X50 by about 3 inches.
    The LEO started out at a 90 degree angle to my right up ahead (stopped at a stop sign on a side street).
    My 9500i (to the LEFT of the X50) alerted to Ka band at several hundred feet, while he was still stopped at the intersection.
    My X50 remained quiet for 3 or 4 more seconds or so until I was MUCH closer to the LEO's patrol car (I don't even think I was 50 feet away by then!!!).
    I don't know if the angle of the detector made a significant difference that could have accounted for this.

    Encounter 2 (this was after having placed the X50 a little higher (1/2 inch below 9500i at the very most) and at an almost perpendicular angle to the road.
    This time the X50 had a slight edge, but it wasn't by much and I think the ramp up on the two was about the same.
    Unfortunately this was an officer approaching head on, so no right angle testing could be done.
    Ka 34.7

    Encounters 3 and 4 (two LEO's within half a mile, 10 seconds apart) - I don't recall offhand which one alerted first; it seemed pretty close. The 9500i may have been a bit quicker, but it was very close either way.
    Ka 34.7 (34.737 - 34.741)

    So far the 9500i has impressed me, especially the first encounter of the evening.

    More to come.
    I am looking forward to another 90 degree encounter now that the 8500 X50's mounting angle has been adjusted.
    If I get the same results as before, the 9500i will stay * and the X50 will go.
    The Ka alert tones on the 9500i seem more distinctive and clear.

    * NOTE: I do not plan to use TruLock since I mostly have no need for it, except perhaps by my local supermarket where I would not be speeding anyway).
    The detector is already very quiet, almost silent in 'A' mode until a LEO running radar is encountered.

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    Nice tests, im impressed with the results.
    If you have a chance try to run them alternately powered down to confirm. There may still be interference even if it doesnít look like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CJR238
    Nice tests, im impressed with the results.
    If you have a chance try to run them alternately powered down to confirm. There may still be interference even if it doesnít look like it.
    Yes, as I mentioned, I will try one on at a time.
    The obvious problem with that approach is that it will be hard to do direct detection range comparisons, unless the LEO is stationary and I can quickly backtrack and run the other detector against the same trap.
    While I am driving, by the time I turn one off and the other one on, I will have moved and, assuming he isn't stationary of course, so will the LEO.

    That is why I am hoping I can find a "Your speed is ___" sign. That will at least allow for some direct comparisons with only one detector powered on at a time, although it might only be K band...

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    I never believed the two detector at one time story but, I remember having two police scanners on at the same time(receivers just like rd's) and one would always be silent and the other wouldnt pick up barely at all.....
    Im sure running two rd's at the same time one is interfereing with the other somehow, some way...

    Do testing with either or turned off and youll never have to wonder...

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    Thanks. Yes, I agree with you 100%.
    I knew all along it wasn't a test I could consider to be completely reliable since there was a chance of interference, but I at least got some idea of their capabilities, their apparent similarities and differences.

    I read Jim's article at GOL yesterday and it was a very informative read since it got into specifics of how they might interfere with one another; I have known for years that two detectors in the same vehicle could interfere with one another, but I never knew all the potential reasons.

    I will definitely run some independent tests, so I can be sure the results are valid.
    I hope to find a stationary LEO or two in the next few days.
    Maybe I'll take a leisurely drive this weekend.

    I actually contemplated getting a few used or recertified radar guns (one for each band).
    I could then use them for testing and re-sell them after the testing had completed; the thing is I already have enough items I want to sell on eBay in the near future.
    The other thing is that I would need someone to help out so I could test multiple real-world scenarios.
    It would probably be too much trouble.

    I wonder if others have tested these two against each other in real world situations, especially people with access to radar guns.
    The GOL March 2007 are the best tests available now, but I wouldn't mind some more scenarios or other tests.
    I was especially happy to see the 9500i excel in the forward facing test, which is another real world scenario.

    I'll try to do some testing this weekend, so I can decide which detector to keep.

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    I will be making as comprehensive and detailed explanation of true lock for the picky expert and the new comer (and a few true lock tricks). Iím just waiting on a few more details. Hope its good enough for all.



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